The Cisco Digital Ceiling can accelerate the digital transformation and extend the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout your facilities

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Buildings that implement a Cisco Digital Ceiling can improve their overall efficiency, promoting better system management, sustainability, and lowering operating costs as integrated services adapt to people’s dynamic needs in real-time.


With the Cisco Digital Ceiling, services are converging over a common infrastructure in which Legrand has been supporting for over 50 years. Legrand’s physical infrastructure solutions help to support the new active equipment being deployed, whether in the ceiling or in the telecom room. Legrand’s connectivity solutions are designed to support the additional considerations Power over Ethernet-based systems will place on cabling and connectivity. Extending beyond the ceiling, our A/V, PC and cable management solutions enable seamless connectivity for the end user.

“Legrand’s role in the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework is a prime example of how industry leaders are working together to help enterprises embrace the Internet of Things [IoT]. This initiative brings together solution providers to help companies digitize their business by connecting building services via a single converged IP network. This evolution to ‘convergence’ results in a smarter building that is seamlessly and securely connected—easier to manage, more efficient, improving productivity, safety and the comfort of occupants.” 
—  Tony Shakib,  Vice President of IoT Vertical Solutions for Cisco

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