What is Koreflex?

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A part of Atkore International

Manufactured and Distributed from the UK

A new brand of basic Flexible Conduit products

A low cost solution

Limited range of sizes

Range of 6 conduit systems

A low specification, fit for purpose flexible conduit range

For applications in the commercial& residential markets, general industrial, construction and infrastructure

Provides protection for cables (power or data) against potential hazards and environmental conditions…

• Provide a sealed and safe means of routing cables from point to point

• Typically used with fittings to terminate into an enclosure / piece of equipment / other method of cable management

Protection of wires and cables from 

• Crush

• Impact

• Tension

Protection of wires and cables from:

• Abrasion

• Cutting

• Water

• Dust

• Chemicals

• UV


• Rodents / Vermin

• Vibration & Shock

• Vandalism

• Lightening strikes

Why use Flexible Conduit?

• Maintain continuity of Electrical supply

• Increase levels of Personal Safety

• Protect System Integrity

Different options for Cable Management and Protection include;

• Rigid Conduit

• Pliable Conduit

• Trunking

• Spiral Wrap

• Over braid

• Sheathing

Which type of Flexible Conduit?

Determined by a number of factors;

• Environment

• Indoor or outdoor

• Exposure to chemicals

• Resistance to abrasion

• Ambient temperature

• Exposure to liquids & dust

• UV resistance

User Preference

• Installers habits

• Specification (Legacy)

• Ease of installation


• System

• To install

• Whole life costs

Mechanical Duty

• Impact

• Compression

• Flexibility

• Pull off strength

• Fatigue Life

• Weight

Public Safety

• resistance to vandalism

• Flame retardancy

• Low Smoke and toxic fumes

Where is Flexible Conduit used?

Example Applications for Flexible Conduit


• Lighting


• IT & Data


• Building Controls BEMS / BMS

• Emergency Lighting

• Access Control

• Alarms

General Industrial

• Pumps / Drives / Motors

• Materials Handling equipment

• Machinery

Please contact our dedicated Koreflex technical team for more information or help with your solution on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk, 0121 706 7777 or by visiting their online suppliers shop - Click Here
We have the ability to register projects for better pricing with our suppliers, as well as offering bulk buying pricing, please contact our sales team on sales@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777

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