How Conlok works.

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Conlok is an exciting labour saving range of quick fit conduit boxes and couplers designed to increase the speed of installation. Standard conduit tube is still used with the usual accessories replaced by Conlok boxes, couplings and adaptors

All Metpro Conlok® malleable boxes are compliant to BS EN 61386-21:2004 and are supplied complete with 12.9 Grade grub screws and M4 tapped hole in base for earthing screw 1 x allen key is supplied in each inner box

How Conlok works.

1. cut tube to length and place required Conlok accessory

2. use allen key to tighten grub screw

3. job done

Labour saving 

Conlok’s grub screw enables quicker installation and removes the need for on-site threading offering labour savings of up to 75% and reducing the risk of injury

Fully galvanised

With no threaded spout, Conlok is the only fully galvanised conduit system available offering enhanced corrosion resistance and a longer lifespan

Fully compliant 

All Conlok malleable boxes and accessories are compliant to the relevant requirements of BS EN 61386-21:2004

Major projects 

Conlok boxes and accessories have been used in several key projects throughout the United Kingdom including; the new Heathrow Terminal 2, The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, the new Glasgow Southern General Hospital and the multimillion pound Francis Crick Institute in London