Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

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Hot and Cold Aisle Containment.

When it comes to ensuring maximum performance and efficiency, your organisation’s data centre needs a helping hand. Here at DP Building Systems, we specialise in delivering hot and cold aisle containment solutions for environments of all shapes, sizes and specifications.

How HAC and CAC work?

Hot and cold aisle containment gives you the means to improve predictability and efficiency, particularly if your organisation has so far relied on a traditional data centre cooling system. Both solutions aim to minimise the mixing of hot and cold air, however, choosing whether hot aisle containment (HAC) or cold aisle containment (CAC) is right for you will depend entirely on your working conditions, a topic that our experts would be more than happy to explore on your behalf.

In addition to minimising the amount of hot and cold air combining, the air flow that keeps your data centre fully functional is also optimised, a process that allows you and your company to harness a range of benefits.

The benefits of hot and cold aisle containment

The main advantage of adopting a hot or cold aisle containment system to service your data centre is to maximise efficiency. Every organisation, regardless of their size or niche, wants to be more productive, and thanks to our containment solutions you can successfully reduce the recirculation of hot air, contain cold inlet air, prevent rack hot spots and improve cooling efficiency overall.

With an improvement in efficiency comes major cost savings. Thanks to enhanced productivity system wide, you will see a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and slash energy costs associated with your data centre. The use of hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment also extends the operational life of all IT equipment, whilst increasing the security of the entire area courtesy of the incorporation of manual or electronic locking mechanisms.

Why choose DP Building Systems?

Our dedicated team can help you find a HAC or CAC option that works for your organisation, and yours alone, so you can reap the rewards of a more energy efficient, economical and reliable data centre. As well as successfully identifying whether your data centre would benefit most from a hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment system, we can also assist from design and installation to aftercare so you can continue to enjoy the advantages of a well-maintained data centre.

Contact us today on 0121 706 7777 or email to discuss your requirements.