Halfen Rail Industry Solutions

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Halfen is the intelligent alternative to drilling and welding. A large product range which can be used to solve almost any fixing problem. Loads can be safely set into concrete in any direction

Reinforcement systems

HALFEN reinforcement systems: User friendly reinforcing products with the highest level of quality and safety as standard. Products for the most modern construction methods and in the line with the most up-to-date technology. HALFEN provides efficient building projects.

Lifting Systems

HALFEN lifting systems: Individual solutions for lifting and transporting pre-cast concrete elements. HALFEN guarantees highest quality materials, high grade manufacture and products with the proven reliability of a global brand

Concrete pre-cast systems

HALFEN concrete pre-cast systems: Reliable connection of concrete façades and safety for demanding facades. HALFEN concrete pre-cast systems insure the quick and economical installation in pre-cast

Framing systems

HALFEN framing channels – the flexible all-purpose assembly system. Together with the corresponding HALFEN bolts or threaded plates, HALFEN framing channels offer all the advantages of adjustable bolt connections and framing construction.

HALFEN Applications in Rail Tunnels

In this example the rail tunnel was designed using tubbing segments.

Most of the HALFEN solutions illustrated here are also suitable for use in cast-on-site concrete elements


Fixing of building components to concrete elements

- Overhead cantenary systems

- Door fixings / emergency, cross passage doors

- Access walkways

- Hand rails/safety barriers

- Utility and service installations

- Signalling equipment

- Signage


- Post-install fixings for maintenance

- Upgrade of technical equipment and production facilities

- Applications as for cast-in channels


Transport and lifting of precast concrete elements- 

- Tubbing segments

- Ballastless tracks

- Façade elements

- Base segment


Supports for:

- Heavy pipe systems (for example, emergency water supply, drainage pipes)

- Heavy cables (for example, electrical power cables)

- Access paths

Halfen Project 


The intelligent alternative to drilling and welding

Lötschberg and Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

The Lötschberg and Gotthard transit axes are at the heart of Europe’s most important freight corridor, connecting Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Genoa (Italy); the so-called Rhine-Alps corridor. The Lötschberg base tunnel has a length of 34.6 km and has 174 cross passage doors. The connections

through the cross-passage doors are typically used as escape routes. The total length of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is 57 km (currently the longest tunnel in the world), it consists of two single-track tunnels with 350 sliding cross passage doors.

The cross-passage doors are fixed to hot-rolled HALFEN Castin channels. The doors are subjected to fatigue related stresses caused by passing trains; these stresses in particular can be

effectively absorbed by the hot-rolled channels.


Standard HALFEN Cast-in channels

HALFEN Cast-in channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-assemble, adjustable fixings. Filler strips

prevent the concrete seeping into the channel.

Numerous types of secondary components can be connected or fixed to the HALFEN Cast-in channels


- fixing of cross passage doors

- fixing of systems subjected to dynamic loads

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