HALFEN cast-in channels

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HALFEN cast-in channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-install, adjustable fixings. A polystyrene bead filler or a strip filler provides protection against ingress of concrete into the channel. Any component can be fixed to HALFEN channels.

Concrete façades

Pre-cast concrete elements

Pipe support systems 

Brickwork support

HALFEN HTA cast-in channels are also ideal for all fixings in which dynamic loads occur, e.g. in crane rails or machine fixings. Special hot-rolled profiles are available for this purpose. 

Particular quality features associated with HALFEN channels are: • High bearing loads up to 32 kN • Fastening system for cracked and  non-cracked concrete • Small Edge distances of minimum 5 cm • Easy to adjust • Assembly without noise and dirt • Offi cially approved for static and  dynamic loads (DIBt Berlin)

Please speak to our Halfen Technical Team on technical@dpbuildingsystems.co.uk or 0121 706 7777.
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