GRP Cable Systems

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GRP Cable Systems

Captrad Cable Trays have been design and manufactured with the user in mind, whilst offering excellent performance ease of use

Their Cable Trays can be supplied in a variety of sizes along with a comprehensive array of fittings to cater for any project large or small.

Captrad Cable Trays can be supplied either as the tray or with the uniquely designed ‘Click-fit-Lid’. All our trays are produced in 3mtr lengths and can easily be fabricated on/off site.


Corrosion Resistant

Impact Resistant

Strong & Lightweight

Click Fit Lid System


Easy to fabricate

Dimension Stability

UV Stability

Excellent Working Temperatures


Alternative Energy



Off Shore



Chemical Plant

Water Industry


The cable trays are manufactured glass by the pultrusion process from isophthalic polyester thermosetting resin reinforced with E glass giving a high strength dimensionally accurate and thermally stable product. The pultruded sections fully comply with all the requirements of EN13706, grade E17 – Specification of pultruded profiles. 

The standard polyester resin is a halogen free fire retardant grade satisfying the requirements of BS476 Pt7, Class 2 and ASTM E84 25 sec - Surface spread of flame. Higher grade fire retardant products can be manufactured to order including the high fire resistance, low smoke and low toxicity required by the London Underground (LUL). Cable Trays can also be made to order in the highly corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin. 

GRP cable trays are normally electrical non-conductive but for those applications with risk explosive atmospheres an anti-static version is available to order. The cable tray is slotted along the length the cable tray also has a unique accepting slot that allows couplers to be inserted with ease insitu. All cable trays have a bespoke click fit lid

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