Framing Systems – Unistrut Kit Assemblies

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Framing Systems – Unistrut Kit Assemblies.

Bespoke modular units, delivered complete & ready to install.

Unistrut’s kit assemblies are designed for installation on projects where multiple, repeating specifications are required, and are supplied complete, ensuring each order arrives with the exact number of components and accessories.

Benefits of kit modules include reduced waste on site, reduced time spent cutting and assembling framing, and ensuring that exact quantities are delivered each time.

Reduced time on-site By ordering Unistrut kit modules, you can be sure each unit arrives on site, ready to install.

Reduced waste Each unit is supplied pre-cut to exact lengths requested, ensuring no excess waste is produced on-site.

Exact quantities Each module is delivered complete with all accessories and fittings required. This ensures no excess waste is created during installation

For more information Click Here or email our Unistrut technical team on or 0121 706 7777