Flytec IP4X and IP54 Trunking

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Flytec IP4X and IP54 Trunking

Understand the Flytec IP4X Solutions

Flytec IP4X

IPX4 is an IP code, or Ingress Protection Marking. This is a classification standard which rates the degree of protection against intrusion. The 4 means the system is protected against objects larger than 1mm.

The Flytec system is unique in that the IP4X sleeve can be fitted quickly and easily with a 'snap on' connection. This also allows for the sleeve to be fitted retrospectively after installation of the other components.

The Flytec IP4X systems are independently tested to IEC 60529:3013. IP4X systems BS7671 IET IP4X compliant

Gasketed Trunking for External Use.

• All sizes shown in our single and multi compartment sections can be manufactured to prevent ingress of dust and liquids

• The system is designed with anout ward returned flange on the body with an overlapping lid, which is fitted with a neoprene gasket on both sides along its entire length. When installed the gasket is compressed between body and lid by screws which fix into captive bushes on the outward flanges

• Designed and manufactured to meetIP54

• A complete range of accessories, fully gasketed, is available1

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