Flexicon Rail - Mechanical Protection Considerations

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Flexicon Rail - Mechanical Protection Considerations.

Flexicon products have been designed and tested for dynamic applications. Whether an installation is fixed or subjected to continuous movement, vibration can be a potential hazard which needs careful consideration. With the continuous movement of Rolling Stock vehicles, trackside infrastructure is potentially exposed to vibration, potential impact and other mechanical forces which could compromise system integrity.

Theft & Vandalism •  stealing, unauthorised removal or deliberate damage

Tensile Strength • Resistance to conduit being pulled from the fitting

Abrasion • Process of scraping or wearing something away

Dangers of Cable theft.
Cable theft is a constant concern. Thieves will target signalling cables, overhead power lines and any other metallic materials to sell for scrap. When systems fail, trains and the network are brought to a standstill, subsequently protecting passengers but ultimately causing disruption, frustration and costing money. 

Flexible Conduit can help to: • Avoid Disruption • Visual Deterrent • Mechanical Barrier

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