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Adhesives can be a clever alternative to traditional fastening methods, depending on the application. fischer offers many product solutions that offer the advantage of safety, flexibility, easy installation and multifunctionality when using these connection techniques. Five complementary hybrid sealants and adhesives from fischer’s range now cover around 80 per cent of typical sealant and adhesive applications. 

Many fixing tasks are easy to solve with adhesives. fischer’s range of hybrids combines the high elasticity and UV resistance of silicones with the high bond strength and paintable properties of polyurethane. The low-emission products achieve high adhesive tensile strength through adhesion without weakening adherends through drilling, nails or welding. Even force distribution across the entire surface allows the material properties of the adherends to be utilised fully, reducing stress peaks and preventing material breakouts. Application is quick and easy with a suitable dispensing gun. Drilling is no longer required, which means the lack of drill dust results in a clean and healthy work environment and a safe application. There is also no need for precise measuring and preliminary work. Elements can be further adjusted upon being attached, while any adherent unevenness can be compensated. 

Identical and multiple different materials can easily be connected with one another as a result. The adhesive connections furthermore provide a high degree of elasticity, compensating the thermal expansion of adherents through movements caused by impacts and vibrations, which prevents material damage and fatigue. More complex geometries and connections of thinner materials are also possible. The adhesive connections also provide sound, vibration and impact absorption, sealant and corrosion protection as well as electrical insulation.

fischer's hybrid sealants and adhesives in detail
With these properties, the hybrids contained in fischer’s range cover many sealant and adhesive applications in the trade and DIY sectors. They can be used for conventional adherent construction materials. Unlike most alternative products, fischer’s sealants and adhesives can be used on moist surfaces and are therefore suitable for flexible indoor and outdoor applications, including in moist cellars. 

fischer’s new Flex MS sealant can absorb particularly high component movements. Further advantages include bubble-free curing, its particularly safe hold on moist subsurfaces as well as its weather, ageing and UV resistance. Typical applications include movement and connection joints as well as sealings on facades and floors as per EN 15651 part 1 and part 4. Flex MS is available in white and grey.

The Express MS adhesive is another new addition to the range. Its quick setting time provides a solid adhesive connection after just 20 minutes. It is ideal for thin joints and is available in white. Its applications include fastening electrical installations, cable ducts, skirting boards, panels, cladding, insulation material, brackets, timber constructions, tiles and stone as well as bonding applications on stairs, vehicles and wall cladding. 

 The crystal clear sealant and adhesive Crystal MS meanwhile is designed for applications on glass, such as in bathrooms. Further advantages include its applicability to sensitive construction materials such as natural stone without discolouration as well as its high initial adhesive strength. Its CE marking in accordance with DIN EN 15651 confirms its suitability for indoor and outdoor facade and plumbing joints. 

fischer’s sealant and adhesive Multi MS can be used for a particularly versatile range of applications, including joints, skirting boards, tiles and stress-equalising adhesion of various materials and mirrors. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor facade, plumbing and floor joints as confirmed by the CE marking in accordance with DIN EN 15651. Multi MS is available in white, grey and black as well as in an 80 ml tube for simple manual dispensing without tools.

The High Tack MS adhesive completes fischer’s hybrid range. It provides the highest initial adhesion in fischer’s range, eliminating the need for additional prefixation of attachment parts during conventional fastening applications. High Tack MS is ideal for gluing insulation panels, substructures made of wood and metal as well as skirting boards, panels and cladding. Another advantage is its applicability on sensitive subsurfaces such as natural stone or mirror coatings.

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