Fischer – FBN II Steel anchor bolt

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Fischer – FBN II Steel anchor bolt


FBN II Steel anchor bolt for high demands in non-cracked concrete.


The Fischer FBN II GS with large washer for fixing timber to non-cracked concrete


· The pre-fitted washer ensures a fast installation.

· The large washer creates a greater supporting surface which is ideal for timber constructions.



The standard anchorage depth achieves maximum load bearing capacities with fewer fixing points, smaller anchor plates are required.

The smaller anchorage depth reduces the drill hole depth.

Less hammer blows and minimal torque slippage offers noticeably simpler installation.

The drive-in pin protects the thread from damage.

Available in HDG with ETA approval



The FBN II anchor bolt is a steel anchor for cost effective use in non-cracked concrete.

Suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installations.

The long thread and the two anchorage depths makes it particularly adaptable for a wide range uses.

FBN II GS is suitable for stand-off installation.

Stainless steel version suitable for façade substructures, cantilevers and external ladders.