The fischer Steel Range

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The fischer Steel Range

FAZ II Bolt anchor

The fischer bolt anchor FAZ II is a steel anchor for the highest requirements. Heavy loads can be secured in cracked concrete using the throughbolt. Thanks to its easy installation, the FAZ II can be used extremely flexibly. The tried-and-tested expansion clip safely introduces the loads into the concrete and enables top load-bearing capacity. The steel anchor is ideal for the anchoring of railings, cable trays and cantilevers, for example.

FBS II UltraCut Concrete Screw

The fischer concrete screw UltraCut FBS II US is a powerful anchoring solution with top installation comfort. The concrete screw with its pressed-on washer is ideal for slot fixations and the anchoring of wooden constructions as well as beams and sills. The ETA for cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete as well as for seismic loads and classification into fire resistance class R 120. The saw tooth geometry enables a quick and easy installation. No drill hole cleaning is required for installation in ceilings and floors. The expansion-free anchorage system enables low edge and axial spacings

EA II Hammerset anchor

The fischer hammerset anchor EA II is an internal thread anchor, ideal for overhead applications such as anchoring sprinkler systems, cable trays, and cantilevers both inside and outside. ETA for non-cracked concrete, approval for multiple use for non-structural systems, and classification into fire resistance class R 120. The embossed rim prevents slipping. With the setting tool EAW H Plus or machine setting tool EA II S-SDS, the sleeve is expanded and braced against the drill hole wall through the driving in of the internal pin

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