Fiber Trough

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Fiber Trough

The steel alternative to fiber optic system management

Fiber trough is the perfect choice for maintaining optimal standards in network reliability for fiber optic and high performance copper cabling systems. It utilizes highstrength steel components to provide the strength and durability required to manage fiber cabling in the most demanding data center environments. Its steel construction can also be properly earthed to eliminate

EMI and reduce noise and attenuation. Fiber Trough is stocked in durable pre-galvanized and textured flat black

powder coat finishes that resist corrosion over the lifetime of the installation. Optional finishes of Orange or Yellow powder coat, often specified for quick identification of multimode or single mode fiber cables, are available.

Fiber trough provides the ultimate in protection and security for fiber optic and copper cabling. And is manufactured to exacting standards so that all components fit together perfectly and install with ease.

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