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Do you want fries with that?

DP Building Systems is a leader in the UK for supply and erect of Unistrut channel, but we offer more than just channel

Unistrut channel is an essential part for cable management, and many customers only purchase Unistrut channel without realising that they need channel accessories or even other cable management products and solutions.....or some do not know we are the large independent Unistrut and Atkore stockist in the UK and hold their full range of cable management in our Birmingham warehouse for distribution around the UK.

Some of the cable management solutions we hold


Unistrut’s comprehensive range of cable management products consists of Cable Tray, Cable Ladder & Cable Basket.

•Unistrut’s are renowned for offering quality products and services throughout the electrical & mechanical industry.

•Our Cable Management products are available in a vast selection of sizes & finishes.

•Innovative solutions include our self splicing wire mesh tray & self splicing punched cable tray


Cable basket comes in light & medium duty (bigger wire diameter).

Cable basket ranges are available in different heights : 30, 54, 100 mm 

There is an innovative self splicing or a plain option.

Hookstrutis part of this innovative range that allows quick and secure installation. 

Standard finish is Zinc Plated


Cable tray comes in different heights : 24, 48, 72, 96 mm.

There is an innovative self splicing or a plain option 

Bends come pre made in 90o& 45oangles.

All steel used is British standards graded. 

Standard finishes are pre galvanised & hot dip galvanised.

Stainless steel is a specialist finish on request


Cable ladder comes in type U10 (100mm),U12 (125mm)&U15 (150mm).

Pre made risers and bends come in 300mm radius.

All steel used is British standards graded. 

Standard finishes are hot dip galvanised & other specialist finishes are available on request.


Unistrut can support a vast range of pipe applications, from small bore heating pipes to large industrial water supply pipes. The WOPF brand is widely known throughout Europe for producing high quality products.

Pipe clips come in lined and unlined varieties.

Sprinkler hangers & pipe clamps.

Slide guides are used to allow for pipe movement

Selected video of Unistrut Cable Management Solution 

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