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A data centre is energy intensive; the consumption power and cooling compared to a traditional office building. It is estimated that a data centre can be 40 times as energy intensive as an office building.

According to market research and consulting firm Pike Research, data centres around the world consumed 201.8 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in 2010 and energy expenditures reached $23.3 billion

As data requirements usage grow, data centres energy consumption rises, both Public Sector and Private organizations are increasingly under pressure to reduce the cost of their operations, and to report and reduce their environmental impact – in some counties, Green Targets are set to control energy consumption.

The carbon footprint a data centre or an IT infrastructure can be reduced through several techniques to improve the efficiency, sustainability and lower TCO of a data centre - one is the implemented of a high-quality cabling structure and Cable Management Solution to ensure the efficiency of the IT Physical Infrastructure.

A well planned Cable Management Solution and structured cabling is an important element to a good power and cooling strategy and energy management, something that needs to be considered at design and implementation stage. Even small considerations such as using airflow through the cables helps with rising temperatures which will have negative affect on the network as well as reducing the data centre efficiency, increase carbon footprint which can be extremely costly over the life of the IT infrastructure and reduce downtime - it has been estimated that up to 35% of IT network failures and downtime is due to inferior network infrastructure, which includes the Cable Management Solution.

The concept, design and installation of the Cable Management and the infrastructure cabling needs to be future proof and flexible for networking changes. It is key that the Cable Management solution is design with tomorrow’s trends technology in-mind such as high density servers, converged infrastructure and the evolution of Internet of Everything. The developments of tomorrows trends will also create more demand on the network from the users within the business, which will also create increased the demand on the IT infrastructure increasing.

As networking solutions become denser and port counts in data centre increase, managing cables connected to these devices becomes a harder challenge with demand on resource. High-density port count combed with high port count solutions have become more common, especially when considering future proofing the IT infrastructure results it complicating adding or removing cables connected directly within the network solution.

A strong Cable Management supplier will understand and the concept of ‘’Airflow’’, and the impact on the infrastructure of poor cable management and cable placement. It is important to make sure that cables are placed with limited restricted airflow within the Cable Management to reduce overheating which will have negatively effect on the performance and efficiency of the network.

Return of Investment

Unistrut have developed their Cable Management Solutions to address the problems and challenges that data centre and facilities manager face, whilst understanding the pressure of reducing carbon footprint and increase efficiency. 

Unistrut understand poor Cable Management lead to inefficiencies that directly affect the bottom line. Cable Management should be design with TCO in mind; not only with build stage in-mind, but the full lifecycle of the data centre as well planned, deployed Cable Management from a supplier that understands the needs and requirements of a data centre, today and tomorrow will save cost.

Poor Cable Management is overlooked by many companies when designing and deploying cabling and the IT infrastructure around new or existing builds.

Rack and Space Management is something often overlooked by Cable Management supplier and installers, space is a premium within a data centre that is why Unistrut Cable Management Systems maximises the area available around the building and into the server environment.

Unistruts Cable Management Solution will last over multiple deployments, generations of upgrades of hardware, and over time will;-

  • Improved maintenance and serviceability
  • Reduce installation and maintenance downtime, both scheduled and unscheduled
  • Reduce system operational costs such as heating, power and cooling
  • Ensure the durability of the infrastructure and ease of upgrade
  • Extending components / infrastructure service life.
  • Reduce labour time and costs.
  • Enhanced availability through reduced downtime.
  • Improved system performance

Efficiency is a key objective when designing an IT infrastructure or data centre. Efficiency gains are typically focused completely on power and cooling. Efficiencies can be realized in many other areas resulting in additional cost savings, reliable

Unistrut Cable Management Solution is design to ensure the data centre and network infrastructure runs as efficiently as possible, helping to meet ambitious energy targets, reducing any carbon footprint. Their Cable Management Solution will grow as your network grows, ensure it is scalable and future proof.

Unistrut work with customers on cost saving, they understand the hugely positive impact of the right Cable Management Solution and the more efficient network, reducing downtime or speeding up scheduled downtime getting the infrastructure to reduce impact to users.

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