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Introducing you to the original Unistrut channel, not imitations 

When purchasing Unistrut, you will have the confidence, security and peace of mind that the products you are purchasing are only using quality steels backed by certification and testing all our products to relevant BS standards – but there are authorized Unistrut stockiest and distributors that stock imitations which are positioned as ‘’compatible Unistrut’’ – Compatible Unistrut is not Unistrut, but a cheap alterative.  

We are seeing to many imitations on Unistrut Channel such as ''compatible Unistrut channel, like-for-like Unistrut or Unistrut Type'' which are not Genuine Unistrut.

As a Unistrut Super Distributor, we only offer Genuine Unistrut and advise if you are ever in-doubt it is not Genuine Unistrut, contact Unistrut direct and they can advise who is a Super Distributor are - giving peace of mind.

If you would like more information Click Here or contact our Unistrut Technical Team on 0121 706 7777 or