Fast and flexible Cable Trunking by Unistrut

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Fast and flexible Cable Trunking by Unistrut.

Easy to specify and easy to install

Unistruts straightforward coding and part selection makes it easy to specify the elements you’ll need for your installation. You can choose from a versatile range of sizes and compartment options to meet any project needs, no matter how complex

Quality, durability and reliability

Unistrut work hard to ensure their products offer unrivalled quality and durability in real world conditions. Like the rest of our product range, the Unistrut Cable Trunking system is designed to be quick and simple to assemble, providing real time saving as well as remaining a reliable product throughout its natural life cycle.

Unique ‘click-fix’ lid lock

Unistruts unique ‘click-fix’ lid lock helps you fit our trunking with confidence. With its unique turnbuckle locking system it makes removal or assembly quick work and inspires confidence in its security.

Unique ‘click-fix’ lid lock

Take the guess work out of installing. Unistruts unique turnbuckle clicks into place when in the locked position to make fitting the lids a fast and efficient process.

Fast-fit pre-cut slots

Pre-cut slotted ends make our trunking easier and faster to install. Simply slot into place and tighten the fixings.

Unique cut to length clip UTC1

Fast fitting clip for cut lengths of trunking makes assembly fast and hassle free.

Multi-head screws

There’s no need to search for a specific tool. To save time, our multi-head screws can be tightened with a cross or slot screwdriver or a hex spanner.

Cable Trunking special features

Internal trunking connectors

Preassembled Internal Trunking Connectors allow you to securely connect trunking lengths in seconds. Saving you time and providing a safer external finish

If you would like more information Click Here or contact our Unistrut technical team for free support on or 0121 706 7777