Cable Protection Systems for Rail - Fire Performance

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Cable Protection Systems for Rail - Fire Performance

Flexicon product development programe involves extensive testing to the latest Rail Industry standards

The reaction of products in the event of a fire is critical when it comes to effective product

specification. There are recognised national and international standards related to products performance

and reaction to fire. Flexicon can offer a wide range of conduit systems which have been independently tested

Flexicon define a Low Fire Hazard product as having all of the following properties

Highly Flame Retardant to prevent a fire starting or limit its development if one does start.

Low Smoke emission in the event of a fire to enable people to see their way to escape.

Low Toxicity in the event of a fire to ensure people are not overcome during their escape.

Halogen Free gives an indication of low smoke and low toxicity. It also rules out halogen acid gas emission - a fact that is of interest to insurers as acid smoke can destroy computer equipment and damage the structure of a building. Halogens are Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine

Rail Industry Standards

Their product development programme involves extensive testing to the latest Rail Industry standards to ensure the safety of our products, thus providing confidence for specifiers and consultants when it

comes to their reaction to fire.

EN 45545-2 - European Fire Safety

NFPA 130 - North American Standard

AS/NZS 1530.3 - Australian Standard

Russian Fire Safety Certificate - 1374363

TFL S1085 - UK Underground Standard

EN 45545-2 European Fire Safety Standard

This new European standard is rapidly replacing national standards in Europe and consists of 7 parts.

• Part 1: General

• Part 2: Requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components

For Part 2, product groups are required to meet a set of performance requirement levels (R1 to R26), conduit

performance R22 is for interior parts and R23 is for exterior parts. There are also three defined levels of performance related to the reaction of fire, HL1, HL2 and HL3. 

HL3 is the highest level of performance when it comes to the reaction to fire and will be specified for higher risk applications. 

The required HL level is given from a matrix of Operational Category of the track and Design Category of the train. 

Flexicon EN 45545-2 conduits meet HL3 for both internal and external use.

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