Cable Management in Water Treatment

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Water treatment is any process that makes water more acceptable for a specific end-use, which may be drinking, river flow maintenance, water recreation and many others. With industry standards for water treatment becoming more and more stringent it is essential to find professional cable management products that you can harness. As a leading distributor to the construction industry, DP Building Systems specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality support products to various industries such as Water Treatment as an easy and affordable solution to unlock a range of benefits.

The utilities industry is one sector that often calls on us for help with cable management, with customers from water treatment works a large part of our extensive client base. The design, supply, installation and testing of cable management systems is just as important here as it is in other commercial and industrial environments, and without continued care compliance and reliable disinfection simply cannot be achieved, so how exactly can cabling be effectively managed in settings like these?


The benefits of cable management

In water treatment works maintaining basic functionality isn’t just a matter of ensuring profit but essential to health and safety. Coordinating and managing cabling throughout treatment plants means that contaminated water can be successfully and efficiently processed in accordance with the latest standards. Messy and disorganised cabling not only affects functionality but can also cause a plethora of problems. 

As industry standards become increasingly stringent and the quality expected by customers gets higher and higher, good cable management becomes even more essential in water treatment.

The solutions come in a number of finishes to suit requirements, stainless steel, HDG, PG to name a few


Cable Care: How to ensure high standarts

Maintaining the highest standards of cable management with specialist support solutions is an important aspect of any water treatment works. Only by investing in the very best products can you ensure your requirements are met. Here at DP Building Systems, we supply a wide range of products from top suppliers – such as Unistrut, Trench, JCP, Walraven, Zip-Clip and Lindapter - for your perusal, each of which is designed and manufactured to make cable management possible. With more than 18 years of experience under our belts, our team of experts are also well-versed in providing the technical advice you need to use our channel, tray, ladder, trunking, fixing and fastening products correctly and confidently.


Cable management solutions made for you

From our Birmingham and North London facilities we can offer next day delivery and a trade counter collection service that won’t let you down.

In addition to being an approved and time-served distributor of the most exceptional products available, we also provide state-of-the-art design and cutting facilities so you can access cable management systems that have been designed or cut to your specific requirements. All our standard products, including channels, trays and rods cut to order, can be delivered anywhere within the UK.

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