Cable Management in Solar Farms

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As a leading distributor to the construction industry, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality support products to organisations of all sizes and niches. The solar power and renewable energy market has exploded in recent years and we now working with numerous solar farms who partner with us for mounting feet, cable management, supports and framing.

Cable management is an essential part of a multitude of commercial and industrial settings as with the use of innovative technology comes miles and miles of cabling. Trenching or burying cables has been the port of call for many solar farms but as the amount of ground mounted equipment grows, this process can come with a range of disadvantages. Failing to protect other cabling can also present a number of issues for solar energy companies.

The problem with solar cabling

The mess associated with the trenching method is perhaps the most obvious disadvantage to solar farms, especially energy organisations wishing to launch, grow or manage large scale operations. As the farm expands the muddy mess and drainage problems that go hand-in-hand with burying large volumes of cables can be difficult to handle. The expense of burying cables is also a cause for concern. Not only is the process of trenching costly, the need to de-rate the cables’ capacity for health and safety purposes can prove unproductive and pricey.

It’s not just the cables that run from solar installation to solar installation or the grid that need management, on a smaller scale, wires situated locally and inter row cable routing require management too. Whatever type of cabling you are looking to manage, the support products you choose can make all the difference to unlocking the advantages of convenient, cost efficient and effective cable management.

Why is cable care important?

As cables and connectors are essential to solar photovoltaics (PV) products ensuring you exercise excellent management and care should form an integral part of how you do business. Without cable management you will quickly find that productivity will be affected, and the systems you have invested in function poorly. Poor cable management can cause system shortages and ultimately shorten the lifespan of solar equipment, whilst loose cabling can be pulled out or tripped over presenting a number of health and safety hazards.

Harsh weather conditions can also lead to an array of issues with poorly managed cabling, with temperature fluctuations, direct exposure to UV light, water contact and even snow cover having the potential to damage unprotected wiring.

Unistrut is a fast effective way of building frames for panels and is a tried and tested method which is now being used on solar farms nationwide. The solutions from Unistrut are available in a range of finishes to suit conditions, i.e. stainless, HDG etc. We offer cable ladders, cable trays, channel trays, accesorries and many more.

Finding a solution to suit you

Whilst solar hangers and utility grade snake trays are vital for managing wires that would have otherwise been trenched or buried, cables running from panel to panel or internally can be organised effectively using specialist support products, systems that we have made it our mission to supply.

At DP Building Systems, we stock a selection of high quality cable management products so you can discover a solution to cater to your exact requirements. Our bespoke design and cutting services are also second to none. To find out more about the cable management products we deliver, please browse our website or contact our team direct.