The benefits of using the Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve

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Effortless and effective passive fire protection
Achieving outstanding fire protection of pipe penetrations has never been quicker or simpler than with the BIS Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve. The single component sleeve can be installed quickly and easily without the need for any special fixing tools. It can be fitted around pipes, through floors, ceilings and solid and modular walls, to ensure your pipe penetrations are smoke free and fire resistant. It has been extensively tested by independent authorities in various countries throughout Europe.

An all-in-one solution – fire, smoke and noise barrier

The BIS Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve is one of the few fire stops that, as well as being fire resistant, also offers good smoke sealing and prevents noise conduction. Importantly the fire sleeve also allows the pipe to expand and contract, unlike many other fire stopping methods

Operational benefits include:
  • Prevents the spread of fire, smoke and noise
  • Expansion and contraction of the pipe remains possible
  • Remains operation for decades without maintenance
  • Contains no dangerous materials
  • Emits no toxic gases or smoke in the event of a fire

Installation benefits include
  • Easy to install, no special training or tools required
  • Just one sleeve per aperture
  • Can be used in small spaces with difficult accessibility
  • Can be used for adjacent pipes with minimal space between them
  • Can be used for pipes running in any direction
Specified on prestigious UK projects:
Because of the BIS Pacifyre® MKII’s high specification and ease of use in multiple situations, it has been used in many high profile construction projects including: The Shard, Olympic Velodrome London, Nova Victoria Apartments London, Abell & Cleland development London and Southbank Tower London. 

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