Atkore Pre-fabrication & Modular Service

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Atkore Pre-fabrication & Modular Service

In-house service to design and build Pre-fabrication & Modular solutions

Standard Frames

Each trapeze can be supplied to the clients specific requirements, ensuring that every job is met with accurate and ready to install modules. Specific dimensions on the size of channel used and the diameter of the threaded rod can be specified to Unistrut upon enquiry. Unistrut’s H-Frames can be supplied in two system configurations, welded or bolted, to allow for flexibility when ordering the product.

Bespoke Frames

Unistrut are also able to populate our 2D and 3D modules with a number of services from our range of electrical raceway products. 

This includes our cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking and Marco wire basket tray.

These products are all installed in the modules before shipping and secured in place using a range of Unistrut fittings and accessories.

Quality assurance is integral to the manufacture of each module, with each being thoroughly checked prior to delivery, ensuring each unit is fully compliant with relevant standards and specifications.

Contact our technical team on for free advice and help on the best Unistrut solution for your needs.

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