Atkore Marco ZA Steel Wire Cable Tray

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Atkore Marco ZA Steel Wire Cable Tray.

Atkore Marco is the largest UK manufacturer of Steel Wire Cable Tray.

Available in Zinc Aluminium, Electro-Zinc, Pre-Galvanised, Powder-Coated and Hot-Dip Galvanised finishes. Atkore Marco is able to supply Steel Wire Cable Tray to meet any project demand, including special manufactures of alternate grid layouts, pre-cut lengths and much more.

Offered in three standard depths, 30mm, 55mm and 106mm, Steel Wire Cable Tray is adaptable and lightweight, enabling users to easily modify the tray on-site without compromising its strength or performance. 

All Steel Wire Cable Tray is manufactured in our state-of-the-art, custom-built facility in the UK.

Steel Wire Cable Tray available in EZ, HDG, PC, PG and ZA

Made from direct drawn bright mild steel, and ideal for a variety of applications.

Steel Wire Cable Tray is manufactured to the highest standards and utilises a 100 x 50mm grid design structure. Each length is produced in 3 metres, and is available in a large variety of sizes

Fast-Fix Accessories

Steel Wire Cable Tray range is further enhanced by a large range of accessories and fittings, all designed to allow for quick and convenient on-site installation. In-particular, Fast Fix line of accessories have been designed for quicker installation, with a drastically reduced need for additional components such as nut & bolt or the need for heavy electrical or mechanical tools.

Materials & Finishes

Atkore Marco is able to offer a comprehensive range of Steel Wire Cable Tray products, including a wide range of accessories and our new, pre-coupled, Quik-Clik Tray.

Zinc Aluminium Steel Wire Cable Tray

Atkore Marco’s ZA Steel Wire Cable Tray is made from Zinc Aluminium, and uses a 100 x 50mm mesh grid. Zinc Aluminium Steel Wire Cable Tray is manufactured to BS10244-2. 

Each tray is produced in 3 metre lengths and supplied in pack quantities.

The ZA range is complemented by a wide variety of Geomet fittings and accessories, all designed to make modifying and installing the tray on site as easy as possible

Zinc Aluminium - The Sustainable System

Cathodic Protection - Zinc-alloy coatings also offer cathodic protection of uncoated areas of the steel (e.g. cut-ends or scratches). This helps counteract the corrosive attack on the steel and allows the SWCT to have ‘Self-Healing’ properties.

Heat Resistance - Regular Hot-Dip Galvanised (HDG) wires tend to experience alloy layer growth when exposed to higher temperatures.

This alloy layer is the interface between the metallic coating and the steel wire. It generally contains the elements of the top coating combined with iron from the wire core. However, coatings of Atkore Marco’s ZA range is immune to this phenomenon due to an inhibiting action of aluminium.

Zinc Aluminium - Coated to standard EN10346-2015 Zinc-Aluminium offers excellent coating resistance compared to traditional Zinc coatings. Zinc Aluminium typically offers a coating which is 95% Zn & 5% Al. Perfect for outdoor applications. *ZA available in Steel Wire Cable Tray only.

Eco-Friendly - Zinc is a natural element, essential to life and important across many industries. Atkore Marco’s Zinc Aluminium Steel Wire Cable Tray is more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to the Hot-dip Galvanised products.

Zinc is a high performance alloy, and by adding Aluminium, it increases the longevity of the steel. As a result of this, the contribution of CO2 emissions are reduced due to keeping steel in service for a longer duration of time.

Superior Corrosion Resistance - Atkore Marco’s ZA Steel Wire Cable Tray resist corrosion in heavily polluting corrosion tests, outperforming regular Hot-Dip Galvanised products.