A full range of Stainless-Steel Cable Management

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Stainless Steel In Stock

At DP Building Systems we stock a full range of Stainless-Steel Cable Management as well as stainless steel brackets, accessories and fixings & fasteners.

Stainless Steel Cable Management are designed for clean or tough conditions, or environments exposed to the elements – especially water

We can offer both grades of stainless steel A2 and A4 or A304 and A316 – excellent for marine applications, highly corrosive and extreme environmental conditions.

Stainless Steel is a high quality, corrosion resistant material that is ideal for outdoor applications, water treatment facilities, and other corrosive environments. Stainless Steel offers 5 times the corrosion protection over the hot-dipped galvanized cable management. For pharmaceutical, food processing, and other clean room applications, we offer a stainless-steel Food Grade Strut product line.

Stainless Steel Unistrut offers the longest anticipated service life of any steel channel, cable management or fittings in the Unistrut family.  Whether you need to support a pipe in a water treatment facility, electrical conduits in a food processing wash down area, or a battery rack in a coastal environment; Unistrut’s stainless steel supports will endure the harshest of environment.

What stainless steel we hold in stock includes

Unistrut Cable Tray Unistrut Cable Ladder Unistrut Channel & Metal Framing Systems

Concrete Inserts    Channel Accessories Cantilever Arms Fixing and Fasteners 

This is not the full range of stainless steel we offer or hold. 

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