5 Reasons Conduit's a Waste of Time

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5 Reasons Conduit's a Waste of Time

Cablofil® Wire Mesh Cable Tray - The Conduit Alternative. Look to wire mesh cable tray when you need to support a large number of cables in a single run and keep installations neat and streamlined.

As the safest, easiest-to-install alternative to labor-intensive conduit, wire mesh cable management tray has been the most widely adopted wiring support method for 40 years. Electrical contractors continue to rely on tried-and-tested, code-compliant cable tray for all of their installations, including those in some of the world’s harshest environments.

5 ways Cablofil beats conduit: 1. Fewer parts 2. All you need is a bolt cutter 3. Adopts to any installation 4. One person can usually install a whole system 5. Sweeps and bends can be formed on site. 

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